How to Transfer SMS from Android to Android

Process to transfer Android data to Android is becoming easier, you don’t need to add a new folder on your computer and copy the Android data in the new folder and extract them to your new Android with the USB cable. I will highly-recommend an extraordinary transferring tool – Phone Transfer, to you and it helps you copy SMS between two Android phones easily. For example, you can also transfer Samsung Galaxy S5 text messages into HTC One without complex steps.

Phone Transfer, which is an outstanding Android SMS transfer tool, can help you transfer name, phone number, etc. of your contacts and keep them safely in your destination Android phone with simply 3 steps. Besides, you are also allowed to transfer data between iOS and Symbian, even if they support different operating system.

Why not download Phone Transfer on your computer and try how it works on your own?

Download Win Download Win Download Mac Download Mac

No matter you use Windows or Mac, you can find the corresponding version of your OS.

Methods to Transfer Text Messages from Android to Android

Step 1 Launch Phone Transfer after Downloading
After downloading Phone Transfer on your computer, launch it and you will see the interface as below.

Transfer SMS between Andorid Phones

Step 2 Connect HTC One and Samsung Galaxy to Computer
Connect the two phones to computer simultaneously with the USB cable. Then, you will see both your Android phones be detected and listed in the interface as the “Source” and “Destination” one. You can just click "Flip" button to change the places of the two phones.

Copy SMS from HTC to Samsung
Note: Empty all the data in your destination phone if you like by clicking “Clear data before copy”.

Step 3 Start Transferring SMS between Androids
All the contents include contacts, videos, SMS, photos, and so on. You can move the marks in front of SMS if you want to move Android SMS only. After choosing all you want, click “Start Copy”. And click “Completed” once the transferring ends.

Transfer Text Messages from HTC to Samsung

Note: To make sure all your Android text messages are well connected, keep the two USB cables well connected to the computer.

With the 3 simple steps above, you can have all the Android data transfer before you sell it into the market. How about trying Phone Transfer on your computer, you will find it helpful and easy-operating.
Below is the button where you can download Phone Transfer:

Download Win Download Win Download Mac Download Mac

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