How to Transfer SMS from iPhone to Android

Recently, SMS plays an important part in our life. It will be a pity if we change our phone and can’t have these text messages with us. How can we transfer SMS from our iPhone to Android? Phone Transfer is a After that, you can send SMS easily and don’t need to worry about changing phone and can’t keep your SMS with you. To change phone and sell the old phones, you can also clear the data before selling it so that your data won’t be leaked out.

Phone Transfer, an outstanding transferring tool for not only Android, but also iPhone and Symbian phone, can help smart phone users transfer their SMS easily. SMS, as well as contacts, videos, SMS can be easily transferred if you install Phone Transfer on your smart phone, and so on.
Download Phone Transfer on your computer and try Phone Transfer:

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How to Transfer Data from Phone to Phone

Step 1 Launch Phone Transfer
Download the program and install it on your PC. Then run it on your computer. You will see the main interface as follow.

Transfer SMS from iPhone to Android with Phone Transfer

Step 2 Connect iPhone 5s/5c and Galaxy S4 to the Computer
Plug in your devices with the help of USB cables. Then, the program will detect your device automatically.

Copy iPhone SMS to Android with Phone Transfer

Step 3 Transfer Data from iPhone to Android
Preview and select whatever you want to copy by clicking the box of “Contacts” “Text messages” “Call logs” and “Photos”. After choosing what you want, click “Start Copy”.

Transfer Text Messages between iPhone and Android with Phone Transfer

After the process ends, your data is well transferring and you have successfully transferred these iPhone data.
You are allowed to clear all the data of your destination phone before copying. Besides, you should have iTunes on your computer otherwise you can’t transfer your iPhone/iPad data. Last but not least, be sure that your iPhone is well connected during the transferring process.

Note: If the USB cable is disconnected while transferring data and your iPhone get lost, you don’t need to worry because we can provide you iPhone Data Recovery, which enables you to recover deleted or lost iPhone data as long as you have backed up before.

As you can see, you need only three simple steps to transfer your iPhone 5s/5c data to Android seamlessly. Why not download Phone Transfer on your computer and try to copy your iPhone photos and contacts, for example, on your Android. You will find it amazing and can’t wait to introduce it to your friends who want to sell, donate or give their phone to their friends.

Download Win Download Win Download Mac Download Mac

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