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How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone

Do you know what is new in iOS 8? Things become quite easy when you want to get back lost pictures on iPhone 6/6 Plus. There are some improvements to the Photos app. And what is related to our topic today is that the "Recently Deleted" album is added. That means you can retrieve what is removed directly on the handset. Despite the fact that some people may hate the feature, it is a great idea to set a "trash can" just like that of a computer, I'd say. But, it might get a little tricky when you are trying to get back lost data on your iPhone 5/5s/ iPad/iPod. We need iPhone Data Recovery for this.

iPhone Data Recovery can be used to regain deleted pictures from an iPhone. It actually supports most Apple products—iPhone 6/6 Plus/5, iPad and many others. Download one and recover things easily.
1)    Doing iPhone backups regularly is definitely beneficial.
2)    You may want to stop using the handset once deletion happens, for those lost files may be overwritten and can never be found back.
3)    The data will be stored on your PC. And you can later transfer these photos to your iPhone.

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Three ways will be introduced here.

Part One: Recover Pictures Directly from an iPhone

Step 1.Connect Your Device after Launching iPhone Data Recovery
Get the device connected to your computer via a USB cord. You may see this interface. And when this happens, follow what is told in it.

Recover iPhone Photos

Step 2.Pick the to-be-Recovered iPhone Images
Click the button "Start Scan" to search for the files.

Restore Pictures on iPhone

After a while, the scanning result will be shown. Please note that both the lost and existing files will be listed. So, we need to tick the needed items. (Pick "Camera Roll", "Photo Stream" and "App Photos" and leave the others unchecked. Then, tick those you want on the right.) Finally, press the button "Recover".

Regain Photos on iPhone

Note: The newer models, iPhone 5 for example, don't need the first step.

Part Two: Retrieve iPhone Images via iTunes

Make sure that you have an iTunes backup before getting started.

Step 1.Scan the iPhone Backup File
After opening the software, choose "Recover from iTunes Backup File". Then, take one of them and click this button "Start Scan". Wait for a while.

Restore Photos from iTunes

Step 2.Regain iOS Pictures
Preview the content and tick the ones you like. At last, tap on the blue button "Recover" to save them to your computer.

Retrieve Pictures from iTunes

Part Three: Restore iPhone Pictures with iCloud Backups

When you have an iCloud backup, this method also works well. And please note that your internet needs to be connected.

Step 1.Download One of the Backup Images
Select the mode "Recover from iCloud Backup File". Enter your account and password to login. Your files will then be listed. Pick one of them and click the button "Download". (The latest one is recommended.)

Recover Picture from iCloud

Step 2.Preview and Get iPhone Pictures back
After scanning the backup, data contained in it will be displayed in the interface. Tick those you want back and click "Recover".

Restore iPhone Images

Isn't it easy? Have a free trial version downloaded and you'll be impressed. If you have some problems, please leave them below. Thanks!

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