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How to Recover Deleted SMS from iPhone

Restoring a text message from your iDevice could be such a difficulty for some people, but it is possible to get the job done easily with the help of some third-party application. And, I can say that even if there is no any backup file at all, you can still find the information back. Why would one like to retrieve SMS? Let me put it this way: imagine that you have accidentally removed an unread message from your boss, what would you do? Keep reading and learn more about the solutions. Hope it can be useful!

To begin with, you need iPhone Data Recovery. Being a tool for recovering deleted SMS from iPhone, this software has taken many situations into consideration. Things that you never have a chance to save can be regained with a few steps. And, the new products iPhone 6 as well as iPhone 6 Plus which is based on iOS 8 are well supported.
1)    Please try not to use your iPhone 6 when data loss happens, because, as new files are added, the information can be covered and lost forever.
2)    To avoid that, you may want to backup your handset as frequently as possible.
3)    The new version allows you to recover SMS to the phone without saving them to the computer. So, in Part One and Two, if you want to store them to the handset, please connect it to the PC with a USB cord.

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Three ways are introduced here.

Part One: Recover SMS from iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus Directly

Step 1.Get Your iDevice Connected
Launch the software first. And then connect your device to the computer. After that, click the green button "Start Scan" in the middle to analyze the phone. Please do not disconnect it during the process

Recover Text Messages from iPhone

Step 2.Pick Text Messages and Restore Them to iPhone 6
After Step 1, you will see this interface which is divided into three parts—categories on the left, items in the middle and details on the right. The red words stand for deleted content. You can have a close look and decide which one to regain. Next, tick them and click the button "Recover" on the bottom right.

Retrieve SMS from iPhone

Part Two: Regain SMS on iOS 8 with iTunes Backups

Step 1.Scan and Extract iTunes Backups
After opening iPhone Data Recovery, select the second mode "Recover iTunes Backup File". Your backup history will be listed here. We have two in total. Now, pick the latest one and click the button "Start Scan" as it may contain more information than the other one. But, of course, it is your choice.

Regain SMS from iTunes

Step 2.Preview and Transfer SMS to iPhone 6
When you have finished step 1, wait until this window comes up. The operation is quite like that in Part One. Have a look at the result, check the wanted items and press "Recover".

Recover Messages via iTunes

Part Three: Retrieve iPhone Text Messages via iCloud

Step 1.Login Your Apple ID and Choose iCloud Backup Files
Pick the third mode "Recover from iCloud Backup File" on the header. Then, key in your account and password. Now, you can see those files in list, take one and have it downloaded by clicking the button on the right.

Regain iPhone Text Messages

Step 2.Preview and Gain iPhone Messages from iCloud
Click the button "Scan" to analyze the content. When it is finished, detailed information is shown. Tap on "Messages" on the side bar and you can see them on the right. Check the needed ones and click the button "Recover". Your phone will restart itself and all you need to do is waiting.

Get iPhone Messages back from iCloud

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