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Restore iPhone from Backup

How to Restore iPhone from Backup

It will be very inconvenient because some of lost data that stored in your iPhone might mean a lot to you. Contact, messages are data for you to keep in touch with your friends. Photos and videos remind you of the happy moments that you have with your friends and families. Notes and reminders give you a further clear to-do list so that you won’t miss any appointment. These are all the critical and essential content for you. To protect your files from missing forever, you will be advised to do backup with your iPhone regularly. Once your data get lost, you can use the outstanding data recovery software – iPhone Data Recovery to help you get your lost iPhone data back by extracting deleted iPhone data from the iTunes or iCloud backup file.

iPhone Data Recovery, which specializes in recover deleted or lost iPhone data, is an outstanding recovery tool for iOS users to retrieve their data from their device, iTunes backup or iCloud backup. To recover from iTunes or iCloud backup file, you should have done iTunes or iCloud backup before.

You can download the free trial version to scan and preview the lost data. To restore deleted iPhone data, you can purchase the paid version of iPhone Data Recovery to retrieve iPhone data by simply one click.

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Next, we will show you the ways to recover deleted data from iTunes backup file and to recover from iCloud backup file.

Part 1: Restore iPhone Lost Data from iTunes Backup

Step 1Choose your iTunes backup and scan to extract it
Launch iPhone Data Recovery after the installation and choose the second recovery mode: “Recover from iTunes Backup File”.  It will automatically scan out your iTunes backup file if you have done iTunes backup with your iPhone before. You can choose the backup file of your iPhone device, and click “Start Scan”.

Recover from iTunes
Note: If you have backed up more than one iDevice with your iPhone before, the program will list the name the latest backup date and the serial number.

Step 2Preview and Recover Previous Data
Within few seconds, all the lost data will be scanned out and listed in categories, you can selectively choose the iPhone data that you want and click “Recover” them back.

Recover Data from iTunes
Note: Not only the deleted data, but also the existing one will be scanned out. If you want to retrieve the deleted items, you can simply click “Only display the deleted items”.

Part 2: Recover iPhone Deleted Files from iCloud Backup

Step 1Enter the account and password to sign in your iCloud
After launching iPhone Data Recovery, choose “to Recover from iCloud Backup File”. You will be asked to sign in your iCloud account. Enter your Apple ID and the Password as the screenshot below shows.

Recover from iCloud Backup File

Step 2Download and Scan Your iCloud Backup
Once you logged into iCloud, the program will scanned out the iCloud backup files in your account and listed them out. Choose the exact one that you want and click “Download”. In the pop-up, you can choose the files you want to download. After that, you can scan the iCloud content now. Click on the "Scan" button to begin. It will take you some time. Just wait for a moment.

Scan iCloud Backup File

Step 3Preview and recover whatever you want from the iCloud backup
The scan will finish in few minutes. Once it stops, you can preview the data that stored in your iCloud backup, contacts, messages, photos, etc. Check them one after another and mark down those you want. After choosing all you want, click “Recover” to save them on your computer with one click.

Recover Data from iCloud
Why not purchased iPhone Data Recovery and get your lost iPhone data back to you with easy steps?

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