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Restore iPhone from Backup

How to Restore iPhone from Backup

Lose your iPhone data which means a lot to you? Feel regret and pity? Don't regard it as a tough thing. It is quite an easy progress for you to recover your iPhone data after you delete them unintentionally. How? I will certainly introduce you an amazing iPhone data recovering tool – iOS Data Recovery.

iPhone Data Recovery is an outstanding and almighty recovery tool that you can recover your iPhone lost data, contacts, photos, videos, text messages, bookmarks, notes, calendar, call history, voice memos included. It is a high efficiency recovery that you need only two or three steps to recover whatever data that you want. There are three helpful recovery mode for you to choose: To scan your iPhone directly for lost iPhone data, to recover from iTunes backup file, to recover from iCloud backup file.

Download iPhone Data Recovery, the excellent recovery tool for iPhone users, for free on your computer and we will show you two of the recovery modes of retrieving your lost iPhone data with iPhone Data Recovery.

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After downloading iPhone Data Recovery for free on your computer, operate the steps below to recover your iPhone data on your own. I will show you the way to recover iPhone data from iTunes backup file and from iCloud backup file.

Part 1: Tutorial on How to Recover iPhone Lost Data from iTunes Backup

Step 1 Run iTunes and Connect your iPhone to PC
After launching iPhone Data Recovery once you downloaded and installed on your computer, choose the recovery mode of "To recover iPhone data from iTunes backup" and your iTunes backup will be detected out and listed. Click the driver which is named as your phone model as the window below shows.

Recover Data from iTunes Backup

Step 2 Choose a Backup File and Restore it to your iPhone
To restore your iPhone from older backup, click "Restore from Backup" button in the red circle in the window above. Then, in the pop-up window, choose the backup file and restore it to your iPhone.

Recover Data from Backup

Part 2: Tutorial on How to Recover iPhone Lost Data from iCloud Backup

Just as restoring iPhone from iTunes backup file, you are not allowed to extract some of the iPhone data in iCloud backup file. You are only permitted to recover the whole iCloud backup file. Before restoring, you need to set your iPhone back to factory default settings, so that you can restore the backup from iCloud. Just do according what the steps want you to do.

Recover Data from iCloud Backup

Enables "Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings."
After you make sure that you have finished erasing all data and settings on your iPhone, your iPhone will restart and you can begin setting it now. You will then see the bellowing window.

Choose the one in the red circle: Restore from iCloud Backup. Then you can choose the backup you want and restore it back to your iPhone.

That's it! Two methods to recover your iPhone data like contacts, SMS, photos, videos, notes, bookmarks, call history, and so on, with easy steps. It becomes possible to get lost things back. Quite fancy, isn't it?

Why not download the trial version of iPhone Data Recovery below to have a try now.

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