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Transfer Text Messages from Android to iPhone

How to Transfer Text Messages from Android to iPhone

"Just bought my wife an iPhone 4S, but she needs text messages transferred over from her old Android. Is this possible? If so how?"
"How can I transfer SMS messages from my Galaxy S3 to my new iPhone 5? Any useful tips? Many thanks."
As the smartphone is getting updated more and more frequently, some users often change for a new phone and get rid of the old one. Also, there are many people switching from Android to iPhone at the same time in need of work. Just like the cases said above, that how to transfer the important personal text messages from Android to iPhone becomes a common problem.
Phone Transfer will be your great helper in these cases. It is a professional data transfer tool between multiple phones even with different operating systems. In spite of cellular carriers, you can transfer SMS, contacts, photos, songs, videos, call logs, apps and more other data files from Android to iPhone. Want to know how to make it with the program? Follow the easy-guide below, you will find transferring text messages from Android to iPhone is so easy for you.
Here is the free trial download version for you to have a try:

        download-win       download-mac

How to Move SMS from Android Phone to iPhone

Step 1 Download, Install and Launch the Program
First of all, download and install Phone Transfer on your computer. Open the program, the main window is like this:


Step 2 Plug in your Android and iPhone
Use the USB cables to connect your Android and iPhone to the computer, so the Phone Transfer can detect the devices. Then you will get the following interface.


Step 3 Copy SMS from Android to iPhone
Select "Text messages" in the content box and click "Start Copy" to begin the transfer. You can choose to clear all the destination phone data before copy if you need. When the copying progress ends, confirm "Complete" so we have done it.


1. Keep the two devices connected the whole time until transfer process completes.
2. You need install iTunes on your computer to make the data transfer from Android to iPhone.

More similar articles are provided so you can get more familiar about how to use this data transfer between different phones. Don't forget leave us comments if you encounter difficulties in the process.

        download-win       download-mac

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