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How to Recover Deleted Contacts on iPhone

"Is there any way for me to find back my contacts on an iPhone 6 Plus? Here's the thing: I was trying to get rid of some unneeded phone numbers and unfortunately deleted some of my friends. BTW, I did not have a backup of the data. Please contact me if you have got any good idea. Thanks!" Let it be understood that information deleted from an iDevice or any handset at all can still be recovered. And recovery would be successful only if the things are not overwritten which means that iOS users have to stop using the phone in case those numbers are lost permanently.

Now, we shall begin by learning how to use iPhone Data Recovery or iPhone Data Recovery (Mac), which can be used to recover deleted contacts on iPhone. This software is well designed for iDevices, including iPhone 6/6 Plus/, iPad, iPod and so on. More importantly, the new version works for iOS 8 perfectly. Click the button to download one on your computer and have a try.

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The following part contains three tutorials. (The last two are for those who have done a backup file with iTunes or iCloud.)

Tutorial One: Directly Retrieve Contacts from iPhone 6

Step 1.Open iPhone Data Recovery
After launching the program, you need to get the phone connected to a PC with a USB cord. If you are using an iPhone 4/3GS, follow the instruction on the picture to enter DFU Mode.

Recover iPhone Contacts

But, if your phone is an iPhone 6/ 6 Plus/ 5 or other relatively new models, this interface will show up. Simply click the button "Start Scan" to proceed to step 2.

Restore Contacts from iPhone

Step 2.Regain iPhone Contacts
After the scanning process, the result will be listed. You may highlight any item on the left to preview the details. Names, companies, numbers and emails can all be seen. And if you prefer to have the missing data displayed only, turn the switch to "ON". Next, tick whatever you like and press the button "Recover" to get the job done.

Regain iPhone Phone Numbers

Note: In the following two parts, users must have a backup performed before. Or they won't work. By the way, please copy your data to the computer every now and then. And when you lose some information, they can be easily accessed. Last but not least, now contacts can be saved to your phone or the computer. If you want to recover them directly to the handset, please connect it to a PC.

Tutorial Two: Selectively Regain Phone Numbers on iOS 8 from iTunes Backups

Step 1.Pick One of the Backup Files
Open iPhone Data Recovery and choose the second mode "recover from iTunes Backup File". Then the history will be shown in the box just as this window. You may take the most updated one and tap on the green button "Start Scan".

Get iPhone Address Book back

Step 2.Get Your iPhone Numbers Back
After analysis, the information will be shown in this way. Check the items you need and press "Recover".

Retrieve Contacts from iTunes

Tutorial Three: Recover Address Book on iPhone 6 with iCloud Backups

Step 1.Download One of Your iCloud Backup Files
Choose the third mode "Recover from iCloud Backup File". Enter your iCloud ID and Password in the boxes respectively.

Regain iPhone Contacts from iCloud

You will then see this interface. Pick one of them and click the button to get it downloaded.

Restore iPhone Numbers via iCloud

Step 2.Scan for Information and Regain Them
Click "Scan" to analyze the backup image. And when this is done, scanning results are more or less like the ones in Tutorial One and Two. Then, tick the items and tap on the button "Recover".

Extract iPhone Contacts from iCloud Backup Files

Are there any difficulties when using iPhone Data Recovery? Leave us comments. And you can know more about recover deleted data on iPhone from our website.

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