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Photos between Android and Computer

How to Transfer Photos between Android and Computer

Nowadays, more and more people use their Android smartphone or tablets as a replacement for digital camera. Taking pics on phone is a lot more convenient than carrying around another camera. But what if you lost your smartphone? Wouldn't you like to store the pictures on your computer as a backup? Or get some cute pictures from your computer as phone screen, how will you import them to your phone?
With the Android Transfer, you can finish the photos transferring between Android devices and computer easily. It will not only help you put photos into your Android phone/tablet and transfer them back to your PC, can also deleted all picture on your phone in batch with the help of this program.
Download the free trail version to start transferring photos here

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Here we are going to have a step-to-step tutorial for you to learn how to transfer pictures between Android and computer.

How to Transfer pictures between Android devices and computer

Step 1 Set up your Android phone
Download and install this Android Transfer on your computer. Run it. Use a USB cable or use Wi-Fi to connect your Android phone with your computer.


Step 2 Import Photos to Android from computer
Click the little triangle before "Photos" in the left column. All folders on your Android phone are listed. Select a folder to save photos or just right click your mouse within photos category to create a new folder.
Then click the "Add" button (Add File or Add Folder). This will bring up your Windows file browser, from which you can select pictures to import from your computer.


Note: During the transferring, you should make sure your Android phone is kept connecting with your PC.

Step 3 Export Picture from Android to computer
To export Photos, simply choose the photos you want to export, then  click the "Export" button on the menu bar to transfer your photos to the computer with just one click.


Tips: If you have connected several Android devices, you can transfer photos easily from one phone to another.

      download-win        download-mac

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