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Transfer Muisc from iPhone to Android

How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Android

Each time when a new phone is available in the market, there are always people asking similar questions on phone forum, "I want to convert my phone A to the new phone B. How can I transfer music stored on phone A to phone B?" Dude, if you're now on an iPhone 5, and you have a plan to get a Galaxy S4 instead. If so, do you know how you can transfer music from iPhone 5 to Galaxy S4?
This tutorial focuses on moving music from an iPhone to an Android device using an iPhone to Android transfer tool - Phone Transfer, with this easy-to-use tool, you can transfer music from iPhone to Android with ease, no matter whether you have backed up songs to PC or not. In addition, if you have playlists in your iPhone, they will be copied at the same time.
To start with, just download this program on your computer. Then Iwill show you how to copy songs from iPhone to Android step by step.

        download-win       download-mac

How to transfer songs from iPhone to Android

Step 1 Install and run this iPhone to Android transfer tool
After you free download the program to your computer, install and run it, then it will prompt you to connect your devices.


Note: Please install iTunes on computer before you transfer music to Android.

Step 2 Connect iPhone and Android phone with computer
Now, you should connect both your phones to computer with USB cables. When they are connected, the Phone Transfer will detect iPhone as the place of "Source" while Android phone is "Destination".


1. You can click the "Flip" button between the two phones to change the places of the phones.
2. Tap "Clear data before copy" if you want to empty the destination phone before transfer.

Step 3 Move songs from iPhone to Android
If you just want to move music from phone to phone, remove other marks and then click the green button "Start Copy". When the transferring is over, you should click "OK" to end it.


Note: Please keep both your phones connected to the program during transferring.

        download-win       download-mac

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