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Create Music Playlists with Samsung Kies

How to Create Music Playlists with Samsung Kies

Many people have been accustomed to listening to music via their own mobile phones player instead of bringing a mini personal stereo with them. Especially with Samsung mobile player becoming more and more functional powerful, majority of users prefer enjoying wonderful music provided by WMP on the device. Nevertheless, a number of Samsung users know little about how to sort out different songs and make new music play lists in order to make it more clear. At this time, Samsung Kies will be of great help.

Samsung Kies enables you to manage the data on your device better. It is Samsung's official tool for Android based devices which allows you to backup and manage your music, videos and of course some other files. In addition, Samsung Kies works for transferring contacts and calendar events between your mobile device and Mac. Now we mainly make introduction for creating music playlists with Samsung Kies.
If you are still feel confused about making new lists on Samsung mobile, stop waiting and read the following suggestions for you.

Steps to Create Music Playlists with Samsung Kies

Step 1 Connect your Samsung mobile to computer
After installation of Samsung Kies, run it and connect your mobile to PC. Select your phone model device, it shows some basic information on the home screen. Tick "music".

Connect Samsung to Kies

Step 2 Select music files
Click the "add music" button on the top, followed by selecting music files. Selecting the songs you want to add, then tick "open". It will take a few seconds to readout the information.

Select Music Files on Kies

Step 3 Create new music playlists on your Samsung
After the selection of music files, tick the "New playlist" button on the right of "Music". You will see a new catalogue is made. Rename the new music playlist you have just created. For example, here we rename the playlist"my music".

Create Music Playlists on Kies

Step 4 Put the selected songs in the new playlist
Click "Music", then tick the boxes to select songs and drag them to the new playlist. You can select your songs according to your particular taste.

Import Songs into Samsung Kies

Step 5 Import iTunes playlists and manage them with Kies
Tick "Files" - "Import iTunes playlists to Library". After a few seconds, check the "Music" catalogue to see whether your iTunes playlists have been imported.

Import iTunes Playlists

These steps above provide you with an effective way to manage your playlists on your Samsung mobile. With Samsung Kies, you can make music playlists, import your iTunes playlist and manage them for convenience. Let’s enjoy our wonderful music! Are you ready?
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