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Samsung SD Card Recovery: Recover Data from Micro SD Cards

--Tuesday, Jul.09, 2013
SD cards are mostly used as mass storage on Android smartphone. The important and precious data files, such as picture, movies, songs, audio and other multimedia files can be stored on SD card. Imagine this situation: You have kept a lot of personal data on the 16GB SD card on your Samsung smartphone, but lose them due to mistakenly deleting or factory resetting. Would you feel sad about it?

Fortunately, you are able to have Android Data Recovery to solve with SD card data loss problem. Android Data Recovery is one of the fantastic and powerful programs available in the smartphone market, which is pretty easy to use and can help you get back your lost data files from Android device directly or SD card quickly as well as safely.

Please do not use your device or do any update once you find out that your Samsung data gets lost, otherwise you are not able to retrieve any deleted data as it would be overwritten by the new adding ones.

Please free download the trial version here and start the recovery all by yourself now:

Download Win Download Win Download Mac Download Mac

Wonder how this magic software works? Now follow the tutorial below and you will know how to recover SD card lost data from your Samsung Galaxy device.

Part 1: How to Restore Lost Data from Samsung SD card

Step 1 Install and Run the program
Firstly, go to download Android Data Recovery. Two versions are provided: Android Data Recovery for Windows and Android Data Recovery (Mac). Choose the right one and install it on your computer. Then run the program and you will get the primary interface below.

Connect Samsung SD Card to Computer

Step 2 Plug SD Card Reader in the Computer
Insert your Android SD card into a card reader and connect the reader to the computer. When your SD card is detected, it will show on the interface with the size and name. Select it and press "Next" button.

Connect SD Card Reader to Computer

Step 3 Scan SD Card for Lost Data
The software will start scanning your SD card for the lost files.
Note: You can only restore photos, videos, audios and documents from SD Card. If you want to recover other data, you should scan for Android phones.

Scan SD Card

Step 4 Preview, Check and Recover Lost Data
After scanning, the results will be listed in categories on the left. You can go to "Photos", "Audios", "Videos" and other data files to preview the lost data files having been found out.  Selectively check the files you want to get back and click on "Recover" button. Choose a folder on your computer on save the recovered files thus we finish the recovery successfully.

Recover Lost Samsung Data

Part 2: About Internal Storage and External SD Card

We would get the inbuilt memory on our device to save data to. But sometimes people may feel the internal memory could not meet their demands as they need to save tons of important data including photos, videos, music and more on their device. Of cause they can get higher memory, but you also need to pay for it with higher cost. Now may be an external SD card may help. Getting an external SD card is much cheaper than upgrading the inbuilt memory on device. You are able to keep your media files to the SD card to reduce the storage burden of the inbuilt memory.

Note: The contacts and messages would be saved on the inbuilt memory and normally you could not move it to the SD card.

It would be better to back up your Android data frequently so that you can prevent the data from being deleted forever. As you have learnt the way to recover lost on the SD card by the following the guide in part 1, you can also turn to the article How to Recover Lost Data from Samsung Internal Memory to know more about how to recover internal memory data. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments.

Download Win Download Win Download Mac Download Mac