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How to Backup & Restore Samsung Phone Data with Kies

--Monday, Jul.29, 2013
Nowadays, mobile phone becomes as necessary as "air" for modern people. They use portable devices to store important data like contacts, message, schedules, photos, notes, etc. However, in these years, I often receive some emails, sent by users, complaining that they accidentally deleted or lost significant data from their Samsung Galaxy. Worse yet, they were not able to get back the lost data, because they didn't back up phone data regularly.

The purpose of writing this article is to show you how to back up and restore data from Galaxy devices with Samsung Kies, a data manager program for Samsung devices and the third-party programs: Android Backup Restore and Phone Transfer.

Part 1 Backup and Restore Data with Samsung Kies

Section 1 Backup Phone Data

Step 1 Connect Devices to PC and Select "Backup & Restore"
Plug your Samsung Galaxy in the computer via USB cable. Once successfully connected, choose "Backup & Restore" option and click "Data backup". Kies divides phone data into two categories: Personal information (contacts, memo, planner, call log and message) and Content (video, music and photo).

Connect Device to PC

Step 2 Start Backing Up
You can selectively choose those data you need, but I suggest you to tick all the data. When finishing selection, hit the "Backup" button at the top-right corner and start backup process. After a while, press the "Complete" button to end the process. You can directly check the media files backup like music, videos and photos on your computer. But for call log and messages backup, you need to install some specific software to read them.

Start Backing Up Data with Samsung Kies

Section 2 Recover Lost Data

Step 1 Choose Backup Files
Switch to "Restore data" option. The software will automatically load the files your backed up from the plug-in device. That's why we always reminder users not to modify the route of backup files. You can retrieve all the data or select therein categories. Besides, the "Application" option enables you to just restore a particular item as well.

Choose Restore Data Mode

Step 2 Start Data Recovery
After ticking all the content you want to regain, hit the "Restore" button to start recovering. When the process completed, you can check the data on your Samsung phone.

Recover Data with Samsung Kies

Read up here, I guess you've already known clearly how to back up and restore data in Galaxy phones with Samsung Kies. But, another problem occurs. Supposing you want to transfer Samsung backup files to iPhone, Kies is not workable at this time, for it only supports devices created by Samsung.

Hence, I recommend you Phone Transfer software, which supports data transmission among advanced portable phones from various brands and OS systems. Moreover, it can read backups from Samsung Kies.

Part 2: Backup & Restore Data with Android Backup Restore

Android Backup Restore is a very effective third-party program that allows you to back up and restore your important data from Android to computer. Please download the program by clicking the download button below.

Download Win Download Win Download Mac Download Mac

Step 1 Connect Samsung Phone to PC
Once you install the program successfully, please launch it! On the interface, please go to "Data Backup & Restore" and then connect device to computer via the matching USB cable.

Connect Samsung Phone to PC

Step 2 Select File Types to Back Up
After your device is detected by the program, you can see different data types on the interface. Please choose the ones you want to back up.

Select the Data

Step 3 Back Up Android Data
Click on the "Backup" button to start the process. Wait for a moment, and you would be notified that the data backup has been completed. Click on the "View the backup" and navigate to the location of the backup copy on the computer.

Go on Backing Up

To restore the backup copy to your Android, no matter to get back lost data or import data on new phone, you can click on the "Restore" button on the interface as following with your target device connected.

Part 3: Backup and Retrieve Content with Phone Transfer

Section 1. Back Up Content

Step 1 Select "Back Up Your Phone" Mode
There four mode in the main interface. Choose the one in light blue.

Select Backup Mode in Phone Transfer

Step 2 Start Copy
When the phone is connected, you will enter the interface as below. Tick all the content to backup in the middle column and click "Start Copy" button.

Backup Phone Data with Phone Transfer

Section 2. Recover Content

Step 1 Select Recovery Mode
Choose "Restore From Backups" mode in the main windows.

Step 2 Retrieve Data from Computer or Phone
Tick the backup files of your plug-in phone or you can select backup from other devices or Kies. Then, choose the content you want to restore in the middle column and hit the "Start Copy" button.

Transfer Kies Backup to iPhone

By the way, to back up phone data and restore them in another device is quite easy with the help of Phone Transfer. If this article is useful to you, please repost and share it to those in need.

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