How to Transfer Photos between Android and Computer

--Tuesday, Apr.16, 2013
The best camera everybody has, I guess, is the one that built in a smartphone, for example, Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G4/G3, HTC One M9/M8. The sense in that is simple - it's handy and people LOVE to carry them around. The other side of the coin is, all photos in one phone are with no doubt risky. If  your device get lost or stolen, pictures accidentally deleted or missed after system upgrade, or the SD card broke which means you will never get back that photos you stored in your phone for months or years without a chance of taking a last look. Besides, it takes up too much memory. Therefore, to back up images regularly is very necessary. In this guide, let's see how to transfer photos from Android to PC. In case you need it, we will also go over the process of export them back to your Android device.

To back up pictures from Android devices to computer, we can turn to Android Transfer. Besides, you can transfer photos back from PC or Mac to Android smartphones. You can also delete all pictures on your phone in batch or add new pictures to the device with the help of this program.

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Transfer pictures between Android devices and computer

Step 1 Connect to Computer
Download and launch Android Transfer on your computer. Connect your device to desktop with USB cable or QR code. Either way, it's convenient.

connect phone to pc

Once your phone being detected, you can see all the detailed information from the screen.

see phone information via computer

Step 2 Import Photos to Android from Computer
It is always a little confusing to find the file that contains your photos. But with Android Transfer, simply select "Photos" on the left column and there they are. All folders on your Android phone are listed.
Select a folder as import destination then click "Add" icon on the top of the screen. What's next is to choose pictures you want to import from your PC in a pop up window.

transfer photos back to android phone

Step 3 Export Pictures from Android to Computer
Simply choose photos you want to export, and then click the "Export" icon on the top of the screen. Select export destination on the pop up window and Voila! You job was done by just a few clicks!

export photos to phone

Now you can take as many pictures as you want without worries. It also enables you to manage photos in Android phones by adding or deleting those you want. Still don't have a clue of how this works? Feel free to contact us in the comment. If you rather figure it out by yourself, give it a shot.

Download Win Download Win Download Mac Download Mac