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Sign into Your Google Account

Skipping the carrier bloatware setup will be a good choice if your Android phone is bought from a major wireless carrier. The only thing you should do is signing into your Google account. Once you sign in, it will back-up your phone's settings, apps & account data and you can get access to multiple Google services.

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Sign Google Account
Phone To Phone Transfer

Transfer Data from Old Phone to Your New One

Buying a new phone can bring both excitement and frustration at the same time. The frustration comes from trying to move data from your old phone to your new one. However, with Phone Transfer, you are allowed to transfer data from your old iPhone/Android phone to your current one. What's more, Phone Transfer is able to erase all data on your old phone with no privacy leak if you want to sell it to someone else or donate it.

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Backup and Data Management

After cleaning up your Android phone and completing data transfer, you need a tool to help you manage your Android data in your daily life. Android Transfer will be an outstanding assistant to give you a hand, including phone data and cache cleaning, backing up and restoring, and transferring phone data as well.

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Android Backup
Android Music Transfer

Use iTunes with Your Android Phone

Maybe you used to be an iPhone user, now you've got an Android phone but still want to listen to your amazing music collection on iTunes, right? Is there a tool that can break down the barriers between iTunes and Android so that you can transfer iTunes music to Android? All you need is TunesGo. With this program, you can transfer your iTunes library to your Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge easily.

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Be Prepared If You Lose Your Device/Data

Android Device Manager

Set Up Android Device Manager

Are you afraid that your data will fall into the wrong hands while losing your phone? Android Device Manager, the Android version of "Find My iPhone" of Apple, allows you to locate, wipe or lock a lost/stolen phone. Once you've set it up, you can save Android Device Manager website as a bookmark for easy access later.

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Recover Android Data

Recover Lost Data from Android Phone

Regularly backing up your phone is truly necessary to avoid data lost forever and you can do nothing to rescue this. However, accidental deletion always happens and you can't always back up data in time. At this point, please stop any further operation on your device to prevent data backup from being overwritten and use Android Data Recovery to get them back.

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Root Android Device

Remove the Pre-installed Bloatware

You may find that there are many apps and plug-ins pre-installed by manufacturers and carriers on your new Android phone. Some of them are useless for you and just clutter your system, eat up your internal memory, drain up your battery and slow down your phone. These bloatware are hidden in system folder and you can’t uninstall these apps unless you have root your phone. With Android Root, you can gain root privilege to remove these bloatware.

How to Root your Android Phone  >>

Warning Warning: Some manufacturers assert that rooting voids your device’s warranty.

After rooting, now you can remove pre-installed apps with Android Transfer.

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