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Must Get Awesome Tricks & Tips
for Apple Users

Follow the Useful Tips to Give a Full Scope to the Use of iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac.

Practical Techniques for Using iDevice

Practical Techniques

Tips for Taking Fabulous Photos with iPhone

  With the high resolution camera lens and high definition photo products, using iPhone to take photos on the go becomes more and more common and popular. iPhone can make a very nice looking picture if

How to Re-download Purchased Items from iTunes

  Thing like this may happen to you: you accidentally deleted a favorite music album that purchased from iTunes, and wonder whether you can re-download it without paying for it the second time. With the

iPhone - A Helpful Companion to My Daily and Work Life

  iPhone 4s is the first iOS device I owned. What firstly pushed me to buy iPhone is its fabulous appearance, but after I used it for a period, I found it’s more than a smartphone, but a good mate and

Maintain Breakdown to iOS Devices

Maintenance Tips

Dos and Nots to Rescue a Wet iPhone

  We often receive emails from users telling us that his/her iPhone dropped in the toilet, the phone gets wet even it's put into a waterproof case, forget to pick it out from the trousers-pockets before

How to Fix iPhone Unrecognized by iTunes Problem

  "I plugged my iPhone 6 in the computer via USB cable and launch iTunes manually, but there is no phone icon in the Device panel in iTunes. How can I make iTunes detect and recognize my iPhone 6?" T

[Fail Unlocking iPhone] How to Restore iCloud Backup

  In today's information world, we have many different passwords to keep in mind every day. But sometimes we just forget some of them, like the unlock password of your iPhone. What to do to restore iPho

Tips on iDevice Security Settings

Security Settings

How to Use Find My iPhone

  "I went to the crowded music feast yesterday. When I was getting high singing and dancing along with the fans, I suddenly found my iPhone 6 missing. " Believe or not, no matter for what reasons, lo

How to Reset Apple ID Password

  For Apple users, Apple ID is the most important thing no matter you are using iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac. With the Apple ID, you can download apps from Apps Store, purchase videos and music from iTunes

How to Generate Strong Password with Safari iCloud Keychain

  Most people tend to use the same ID and password to sign up and log in different website in Safari. If there is some virus attack your one of your account, all the website logins may also be in the in

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