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Make Vivid Conversations with Friends on Facebook Messenger

--Thursday, November 26, 2015
Nowadays, with the rapid development of social apps, communication becomes so easy that we can chat or text our friends anytime anywhere with an Android phone. Now texting a friend is not only a way to text messages but also a fantastic experience to send stickers, photo, sound records and even videos. In the lineup of chat tools, Facebook Messenger ranks "top 10 most popular apps", which makes vivid conversations with friends.

1.Know Message is Delivered or Read
When an important message is sent, you must be worried that if it is successfully delivered or not, and that if your friend have seen it or not. With Facebook Messenger, the dot near the hangout will change into contact's profile image when the message is read.

Message Delivered on Facebook Messenger

2. Have Face-to-Face chat
In addition to text messages, stickers, photos, and videos are also available to liven up the conversation. And you can talk to friends by calling them with Facebook Messenger if you are too busy to type. You can enjoy clear and close voice. If you want a face-to-face talk, just enable a HD video call. Plus it is available to send a map of any location and suggest a meeting spot.

Send Photos with Facebook Messenger

3. Supports Group Chat
Facebook Messenger helps you keep in touch with your family and best friends with group chat. You can chat with all members in the group at the same time, typing and sending voice records, images, and videos.

Facebook Messenger Group Chat

4. Send Money Securely
Facebook Messenger can also work as electronic wallet. Add your debit card to the app. Then you can send money with your Android phone. When shopping, you can pay with this e-wallet. It is easy and secure. And you don't need to pay for processing fee.

Send Money with Facebook Messenger